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    Dynamic Packaging Systems was founded by Peter Taumberger over 20 years ago.

    He is an Electrical Engineer who has dedicated his years to understanding, building and repairing packaging machinery for the food industry. This includes vacuum packaging machinery, tray sealers, Skin packing and more. Peter has helped small business grown into successful large companies, and treats his client like family.

    His ambition to supply the food industry with good quality and reasonably priced food packaging has seen him lead the market in vacuum packaging, ready meal packaging including trays and film.

    The team at Dynamic Packaging Systems shares Peter’s passion and supports their customers with last minute orders, urgent out of hours repairs and weekend services. Nothing is too much for the team.

    We provide services to a large range of restaurants across Sydney, butchers, ready meal companies, large supermarkets, wholesalers, catering suppliers and more.

    We look forward to working with you, finding you the best most cost effective solutions to your business.

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