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    Diptank TV-55/75

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    The newly designed Turbovac TV55/75 diptank machine is built from stainless steel to Turbovac’s usual high quality, with IP65 rated switches and control panel. The dip tank comes as standard without the white rollers on the platform, if you require these rollers then please choose this option.

    The dip tank now comes with the option to add an exhaust hood, to remove excess steam from the machine and the room it is being used in. The TV55/75 also has the option to add input and output tables with the rollers on, to help assist the operator in loading and unloading the machine.

    The dip tank has a capacity of 140 litres with the platform holding a maximum of 30kg in load at any one time. The dip tank could not be easier to use, once you have chosed the desired temperature of the water, you simply press the start button and the machine does the rest for you. The dip tank platform moves down into the water for the set amount of time and then comes back up having dipped your product.

    The dip tank needs to be fed from a 3 phase electric supply and comes with a drainage tap on the side for cleaning down at the end of the day.

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