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    Vacuum Packaging


    Vacuum bags  (also known as vacuum packaging, cryovac bags, heat seal bags, bone in bags, bone bags, boneguard bags, vac bags, vacuum pouch, heat seal bags, vacuum sealing bags, vacuum food bags, barrier pouch, vacuum pack plastic bag, barrier pouch) are used for a variety of foods and reasons. The most common are:

    Foods you can vacuum pack

    : Cheese

    : Hard cheese

    : Soft cheese

    : cottage cheese baskets

    : meat

    : raw meat

    : boned meat

    : Ham leg

    : Salami

    : ready meals

    : roasts

    : deli meats

    : cured meats

    : seasoned meats

    : marinating meats

    : fish

    : seafood

    : vegetables

    : smoked fish

    Reasons why you vacuum pack food

    : Extend the shelf life of the product

    : infuse meats with marinades

    : sous vide cooking

    : water bath cooking

    : tenderising meat

    : preserve foods

    : marinate meat

    : Preserving meat

    : Freezing meat

    : Preventing freezer burn

    We are packaging specialist at Dynamic Pack. Our Vacuum bags are high quality food grade bags with a high oxygen barrier rating and are FDA and HACCP approved.

    HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”

    HACCP is an Australian board that is a food science organisation that specialises in food safety for Australia and the food industry. HACCP is an internationally recognised method of declaring that the method or process of food handling and packaging is safe for the country and its people. The body looks and any hazards, conducts tests and has standards to which each product needs to meet before being able to be used in the food industry.

    Dynamic Packaging Systems can provide you with HACCP certificates to keep for your records and any audits that may be conducted.

    Vacuum bags are used to extend the shelf life of products, infusing meats and Sous-vide cooking by removing the oxygen from the product with a vacuum packaging machine.

    Removing the oxygen from the food decreases its exposure and limits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

    Cooking bags are used for Sous-vide cooking (French for under vacuum). This process involves poaching food that is vacuum sealed in a water bath. They can also be used in steam ovens.

    Please speak to our team for more information on temperature and time guidelines.

    The vacuum bags are available in many sizes and thicknesses to allow for varying sized foods, machines and boned meats.

    The Available thicknesses:
    – 70 Micron (um)
    – 90 micron (um)
    – 100 micron (um)

    – 110 micron (um) cooking bags
    – 120 micron (um)
    – 200 micron (um)

    A micron is a metric unit of measurement where one micron is equivalent to one one-thousandth of a millimetre or 1 micron (micrometer) = 1/1,000,000 of a metre.

    Micron abbreviation is um. You will see this used when identifying the thickness of a specific sized bag. E.g. 250×350/70um

    70 micron (70um) vac bags are your standard thickness. These are primarily used for meat with no bones, hard and soft cheese, grains, dried beans and legumes, cured meats, fish, smoked salmon, scallops, shelled prawns, soups, sauces, stock, nuts, vegetables, potato chips and coffee.

    As you can imagine, using a vacuum machine to seal and vacuum potato chips would crush the chip and therefore make the product useless. For delicate foods there is a solution to prevent crushing. It can be done by using an inert gas kit on chamber vacuum sealers. After the air has been removed by the vacuum machine, an inert gas (such as nitrogen) is added to maintain the preservation of packaged food while preventing any damage to the item. 

    90 micron (90um) vacuum bags and the 100 micron (100um) vac bags are used for ricotta cheese baskets. The 90um and 100um bags are also good if you want a little bit of a sturdier bag to create structure around the product for example a whole fish.

    120 micron (120um) vacuum bags are used for bone in meats. The thickness of these vac bags prevents bones from breaking through  the plastic. It also eliminates the need for bone guard. These bags can be used for T-bones, leg of lambs, pork loin, smoked meats and roasts.

    200 micron (200um) is the thickest of all of the bags. These are generally used for ribs.

    The available sizes we have are:

    VACBAG 90 x 120
    VACBAG 90 x 350
    VACBAG 90 x 500
    VACBAG 110 x 500
    VACBAG 130 x 150
    VACBAG 130 x 210
    VACBAG 140 x 160
    VACBAG 150 x 200
    VACBAG 150 x 260
    VACBAG 165 x 225
    VACBAG 165 x 250
    VACBAG 165 x 300
    VACBAG 165 x 350
    VACBAG 180 x 450
    VACBAG 190 x 200
    VACBAG 190 x 250
    VACBAG 190 x 300
    VACBAG 200 x 250
    VACBAG 200 x 900
    VACBAG 210 x 300
    VACBAG 210 x 400
    VACBAG 210 x 500
    VACBAG 250 x 300
    VACBAG 250 x 350
    VACBAG 250 x 450
    VACBAG 250 x 550
    VACBAG 300 x 300
    VACBAG 300 x 350
    VACBAG 300 x 400
    VACBAG 300 x 450
    VACBAG 300 x 600
    VACBAG 300 x 700
    VACBAG 350 x 350
    VACBAG 350 x 400
    VACBAG 350 x 450
    VACBAG 370 x 550
    VACBAG 400 x 300
    VACBAG 400 x 400
    VACBAG 400 x 450
    VACBAG 400 x 500
    VACBAG 400 x 600
    VACBAG 400 x 800
    VACBAG 450 x 500
    VACBAG 165 x 500/90
    VACBAG 250 x 300/90
    VACBAG 300 x 350/90
    VACBAG 350 x 450/90
    VACBAG 250 x 350/100
    VACBAG 250 x 350/100
    VACBAG 350 x 450/100
    VACBAG 350 x 450/100
    VACBAG 190 x 400/120
    VACBAG 200 x 250/120
    VACBAG 210 x 300/120
    VACBAG 250 x 350/120
    VACBAG 300 x 400/120
    VACBAG 300 x 450/120
    VACBAG 400 x 500/120
    VACBAG 400 x 800/120
    VACBAG 210 x 350/200
    VACBAG 300 x 400/200
    VACBAG 180 x 210 Black
    VACBAG 180 x 300 Black
    VACBAG 130 x 400 Black
    VACBAG 165 x 250 Black

    We are also able to customise vacuum bags to your specifications. This can include bespoke size and thickness with or without printing.

    The vacuum bags we supply to our clients are premium quality. They are made from 7 layer co-extruded  food grade bags. They can be used for commercial or domestic use.

    All vacuum bags are sold by the box, differing amounts per box for each sized bag. These bags are individual sleeves and do not come on a roll.

    At Dynamic Packaging Systems we import our products direct from the supplier therefore we are able to provide competitive prices within the industry. Bulk orders as well as singles boxes can be purchased with our team in Kirrawee (previously our office was in Peakhurst). We do also provide pallet prices if large quantities are ordered.

    There are other types of food bags, food packaging available to use with vacuum packaging machinery. We provide shrink bags, stand up pouches and cook in (cooking) bags.

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